Monday, 22 April 2013


The implementation of E-bidding for UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd.


E-bidding is an electronically enabling tool that provides an on-line, real time, fair and equitable bidding process to facilitate an award of business within a specific time-frame.

E-bidding is one of the modules in E-Procurement undertaken by UMW Corporation via UET (Outsourcing IT services provider)

Series of discussion conducted in Jun and July of 2010, between UMW Corporation (i.e. Chief Procurement Officer) and UMW Toyota (Property Facilities Administration Division) and finally, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd decided to have our own licence to conduct e-bidding as depicted in below mentioned image:

Action plan

Base on the understanding of e-Bidding process, procurement team prepared the following action plan that being shared with the relevant parties:

Other action items that is crucial for e-bidding:

  • To include below-mentioned clauses to sourcing document:
    • We reserve the right to use e-bidding for the award of this job
    • We will consider e-bid results together with other considerations in deciding the contract award.
  • Training suppliers on the e-bidding terms and conditions, and usage of software.
  • E-bidding room and infrastructure, phone line, fax machine include overhead projector and screen.
The usual criteria required (specified in procurement guideline):

  •  The spend item/commodity can be accurately and comprehensively specified.
  • Sound supplier pre-qualification/selection process.
  • Spend item is of the type where "if all else is equal then price becomes the sole determinant".
  • Availability of a competitive supply base.
  • Spend item is not bound to principal supplier or require developing relationship with supplier for non-disruptive critical supply.

When do we use e-bidding?
Criteria specific for UMWT in term of project value and different in percentage (%) sighted for at least three (3) suppliers:

Things to set and configure:
E-bidding specific activities are as follows:

  • Date and time of e-bid event
  • Duration of e-bid event
  • Minimum bid amount/value
  • Auto-extend sample:

  • Target price is where requesting division estimated to pay or has budget for.
Note : This price is for internal viewing only. The price cannot be seen by the supplier/bidders.

  • Start price - there are three (3) options:
                      i.        Last bought / historical price
                     ii.        Estimated Price
                    iii.        Lowest price - base on submission prior to e-bid event

  • To encourage bids the setting of start price should be higher than current price.

Who is involves in e-bidding?
Four parties will involve in each e-bidding process:

Benefits of e-bidding:

Monday, 15 April 2013

Asset Management

Asset Management.

Asset Management has been more about keeping track of data about assets from a transactional perspective:

  1. Asset location
  2. Asset configuration 
  3. Maintenance activities 
  4. Production throughput, and etc

In other words, asset management practices have typically provided a great deal of information about assets and asset performance.

The main focus of this article will be on physical assets, but you will find that some of the risks to asset management identified herein will be shared with the other asset type categories. It is suggested that there are at least five such risks that primarily contribute to an organization’s failure to optimally manage their assets:

  1. not knowing what they have;
  2. over- or under-maintenance;
  3. improper operation
  4. improper risk management; and
  5. sub-optimized asset management systems.

The conventional way of identifying an asset:
Propose system:

PlantLog Software provides an innovation of data logging method from filling forms and manual writings into sophisticated and organized digital data entry.  PlantLog is the Paperless Data Logging System for Industrial Plants & Building Facilities


  • Barcoding –  Item identification
  • Digitalize Data Collection System
  • User Management, Scheduling & Reporting
  • Network Environments & Multiple users
  • Customizable
  • Simple and Easy to Use
By utilizing Janam XP30 kit as depicted in the picture below, you could simplified the data entry automatically and accurately.

PlantLog is offering complete turnkey system:

Utilizing Barcoding Tags for Asset identification, Janam XP30 Kit to scan Asset to be repair or maintain and lastly convert to system for information analysis and reporting.

Enforced Barcode Scanning prior to attending to equipment repair or maintenance is crucial for data accuracy.

This shall facilitated the translation into providing user’s activities for the day, week or monthly.  Thus, User activity monitoring is possible:

Data can be exported to excel for reporting:

Other facilities that plantLog can support and integrate with:

Operating processes from Barcode scanning to generating report:

Benefits to client:
  • Allows management to access latest information of assets condition or users’ activity.
  • Reduce space and time spent for managing paperwork.
  • Increase efficiency of worker thus increasing productivity.
  • Reduce errors and increases reliability.
  • Reliable and Secure Information.